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If any artist has an official artist channel on YouTube, all their music catalog is automatically organized into two new sections that show their music videos, songs and albums.

Therefore, having an “Official Artist Channel” in YouTube is strictly related with having an “Artist – Topic” channel. That means, if you want to have an “Official Artist Channel” in this platform, it is necessary to accomplish the following conditions:


  • To have an “Artist-Topic” channel automatically generated when you send your music to YouTube Music via our system. Here’s some more information: Official Artist Channels.
  • At least three music videos provided by a music distribution partner in the Artist YT Channel.


If the artist meets these requirements, you can proceed with their Official Artist Channel by writing to You will have to send us the following info:


  • YouTube Artist Channel URL (where they upload all their videos)
  • YouTube Artist Topic Channel (YouTube Music)
  • Linked YT Channel email address


More info:

Official Artist Channel Playbook:

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