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As of now, we can’t avoid the possibility that Spotify may or may not publish one of your music releases in the wrong artist profile. This is something we are really hoping to implement in the near future and are discussing with the channel. If that happens, please contact our support team and will handle it for you in order to fix the mistake.


To do so, we need you to send us the following information:


  1. URI of the right artist profile (if the artist still doesn’t have any profile, please indicate us to create a new one for the “Artist name”):
  2. URI of the wrong artist profile:
  3. URI of all the albums / EPs / singles you want to move to the right profile:
  4. URI of the albums / EPs / singles that need to be removed from the right profile:


Please be aware that  it can take up to 15 days for the channel to fix a profile.

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