Why is my music missing in some or all stores?

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Verification Process:

Some stores, check the correctness of the data (e.g. iTunes). So it will take some time until your product is online. Generally the tracks are available at all online stores worldwide after 3 to 30 days.


Specific Genre:

Some stores have a jury checking all incoming content to make sure it fits their repertoire (e.g. Beatport, Juno). So it might be that your product never gets online in a store because of the genre (e.g., Beatport does not accept products of the classical or country genre). Please note that all tracks of a product have to be of the specific genre of such a store to be accepted by that store. E.g., A product with two Dance tracks and two Pop tracks won’t be available on Beatport.


Release Date:

You have set a release date that is yet to come. For example: If you have uploaded your product on April 20 with a release date of May 20 your product won’t be available in the download stores before May 20.


Missing or Incorrect Metadata:

To make sure your product is available at the iTunes store, you have to follow and meet the needed specifications which will be strictly monitored by iTunes itself. If you ignore these specifications your product won’t be available at the iTunes Store at all.


Lack of Demand:

Some stores (e.g. Juno) delete content from their system that has been online for a certain time (e.g., a year) but has not been downloaded at all.


Explicit Lyrics:

A release with explicit lyrics is banned in some conservative countries. The music won’t be available for sale in those countries (such as Belarus, Burkina Faso, India, Nepal, Uzbekistan).

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