What’s the difference between ISWC & ISRC?

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In theory, both the ISWC and ISRC numbers are meant to help Performance Right Organizations (PROs) and music distributors respectively identify when your compositions and sound recordings are played.


  • ISWC stands for International Standard Musical Work Code. It identifies a composition.


  • ISRC stands for International Standard Code. It identifies a sound recording.

One Composition can be related to multiple ISRC numbers if there are multiple Sound Recordings of that single Composition.


How do I get these codes?

If you’re a signed artist, your record label will take care of ISRC numbers for you (tracking the sound recording) and your publisher will take care of the ISWC codes (tracking the composition). If you don’t have any publisher, you can get the ISWC with your Performance Rights Organization. e.g., ASCAP in the U.S., SOCAN in Canada, PRS in the UK, and so on.


MusicMyBand will automatically assign an ISRC code for your digital recordings if you like. It’s absolutely free and included. However, we can’t assign an ISWC code. If you would like to add your ISWC code (recommended), you must contact your Performance Rights Organization in order to get one. It’s highly recommended that you register your composition with a PRO and get an ISWC number before you make your music public.

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