What kind of information can be updated on stores?

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Information that can be updated


  1. Release’s and track’s titles
  2. Artwork (Cover art)
  3. Information regarding “Remix” or “Version” on album and track(s) level
  4. Artist collaborations, except the “Primary” artist. (Update of primary artist must be requested via Support)
  5. Label
  6. Release’s and track’s genre
  7. Language of the album and track(s)
  8. “Explicit Content” information
  9. Price tier
  10. Digital release date
  11. Original release date
  12. License type
  13. License holder ©
  14. Copyright for sound recordings ℗
  15. Territories of publication
  16. Audio file (Master)- only to correct original audio flaws.



Information that can NOT be updated


  1. Primary Artist. (Update of primary artist must be requested to Support, nut It may be not granted in all channels.)
  2. Content format (Album, EP or Single)
  3. UPC code
  4. Reference number
  5. ISRC code
  6. Tracks’ total number (ie. a release first distributed with 5 tracks, can’t be redistributed with 6).
  7. Tracks’ order (tracks cannot be moved from their original position, ie. track 1 has to be kept first on the track list)


How to perform an Update?

Simply make the needed modification of the aspects that are allowed and send the release again to the same channels originally selected. This action is done from each release’s tab “6. Distribution”, by selecting “Update to all channels”.


The system will automatically detect that it is an update, and applies the appropriate fee (if applicable).


The term for an update to be published on the stores goes from 2 to 10 business days.

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