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We’ve created a professional music distribution platform that helps record labels, managers, promoters, and independent artists to deliver music and video to radio, television, and industry professionals across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

At MusicMyBand, we’ve been assisting major and small record labels, helping them to cut costs with conventional radio promoters, which is something quite expensive to keep. So, instead of sending a radio promoter to every single station across North America, we have a system that delivers the content to the right people at the right stations. Due to a strong relationship with these music directors, DJs, and radio programmers, they receive the content through a custom portal.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign in/Sign up for free (not the same app for music distribution) – Even if you already have an account with our distribution app, you will have to create a separate account to use the Plugger app
  2. Upload your music, music video, release information, message (Pitch your release), and documentation
  3. Choose the package(s) you’d like
  4. Submit your release
  5. Check the initial status of your release (Pending approval, Approved, Rejected)
  6. If approved, you will receive an invoice directly in the ‘Review Invoices’ page of your dashboard
  7. Pay your invoice
  8. Your release will be distributed to all stations available in the package you have selected


Note: In order to keep a strong relationship with the Radio and TV networks, we check every release before approving it, and we only approve high-quality releases (Radio/TV ready releases). If you’re uploading your music video, you must follow these requirements. Audio: The Radio holds very high standards for the quality of audio they play on-air. Wav is the standard uncompressed digital file format suitable for radio. Your track must be sent in full wav format.


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