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A new validator has been implemented in the system, which consists in making the composer field mandatory for the channel Claro Música. This change has been carried out for this specific channel* as, according to the Brazilian law requirements, they enforce the composer information to be sent within releases metadata.

Therefore, from now on any content sent to this channel will need to include the composer role.

If the composer information is missing, the system will display a warning in Claro Música’s Actions section.

validator for claro music cover art

In order to override this warning, the end-user should go back to the Release info tab and add a Composer in the Artist(s) dropdown.

Composer information has to be indicated on track level too.

Validate cover for clary music
The composer metadata on the album level will be delivered only to Claro Música, since this information is not required for the rest of channels when delivering non-classical content.
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