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Hello folks, we hope you’re all doing well! 


First of all, we would like to thank all of these amazing artists and labels using our platform. We are thrilled to have hundreds of thousands of releases, and we are very happy for all of these amazing creators. Unfortunately, we also have a few other account owners abusing this amazing service we offer without any upfront fee, and recently we have had to apply strikes to some accounts due to copyright infringements and other issues. In order to keep the quality of the service we provide, we’re taking new measures in order to prevent these types of activity. Following you will find what is changing:


Free Distribution: We’ll keep it, but if you do not provide your own ISRC and UPC, there will be a small fee for each code – $1 per ISRC code and $2 for the UPC code.


Content Quality: On top of our Anti-Fraud Policies, we’re also implementing the following measures:


  1. If we are notified by one or more channels about a Possible Copyright Infringement, the involved account will be automatically blocked, even if it’s the first strike. In this case, the account owner will have 3 days to resolve the issue, otherwise the account will be kept blocked for good, and all content will be removed from all channels.

  2. If we are notified by one or more channels about an Infringement (Copyright, monetization, etc), the account owner will be suspended for good and any other content this account may have distributed will be removed from all channels.


Everything else is the same and you still need to follow all the requirements that can be found at and, otherwise your release may not be approved and/or your content may face a takedown down the road.


Additionally, please remember that you must be at least 18 years old to use our platform.


Check this page to see what you’re allowed to distribute.


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