How to distribute a single before an album?

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If you want to publish some songs before the whole album launch as a single format, you must distribute them separately, one by one.


You have to click on ‘Create a release’ button and define its format through tab 1. Info Album in ‘Album format’ section.


Select ‘single’ format and go on with the distribution.


*Please, remind that to distribute a single, Title, artist name and version must be the same on album and track level*


Each single/EP/album is treated as a unique product with its own UPC code.


If later you want to distribute the whole album, you will have to create a new release separately.


There’s no other way to group them than creating a new release. For that, you must use the same tracks already distributed (as singles) from your catalogue (to maintain the same ISRC codes) and add the new ones from your computer.


At the end, you will have the singles distributed in one side and the whole album separately distributed in the other.


You have the option to takedown the singles if you prefer it.


The channels don’t allow to modify the order or the number of the tracks to a release that was previously distributed.

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