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In the Catalog section you will be able to create a release for Albums, Tracks or Ringtones as well as add your own Artists and Labels.


Before creating your release, make sure to create a track first. However, you’ll be able to create a track (which is also where you will see the ISRC part) later in case you haven’t done that yet. Additionally, don’t forget to click on “create a new artist or band” to create and save the artist(s) name, you will need that when you create a new release for that artist. 


  1.  Click on “Create a Release” at the top left and write the title of your release.
  2. The platform will ask you to provide us with general information about the release such as cover art. Please make sure you follow the instructions regarding the size or format of the file.
  3. Write the artists and their roles. The labels or genres, as well as the UPC code or Reference Number (Optional). Remember that if you don’t have the codes, MusicMyBand will assign them automatically, free of charge.
  4. You will need to provide us with licenses information including the release date, the license type and holder as well as the copyright for sound recordings.






An interesting feature in this section is Spotify Windowing that allows premium users to access your content in advance. Finally, in this section you will be able to select the territories where you want to distribute.





Once we have all the necessary information, you can upload the files from your computer or from your catalog if you are doing a compilation. In this step you will be able to change the specific information of each one of the tracks that will shape your album.






Finally, before sending the album and release to distribution make sure you review the information provided in the Preview and Distribution section.


If there is a mistake with the information provided, the platform will automatically tell you the errors that need to be fixed before being sent to our Quality Control.


Note: You can also distribute individual tracks and singles, for that go to Catalog–Tracks and create a release for a track.You will also be asked to provide specific information about the release before distributing it or check where this specific track appears on, if it is part of an album project.


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