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Important notice!


Although you’re allowed to distribute cover songs through MusicMyBand (as long as you have the legal rights to do so), following you’ll find some important points to keep in mind.


  1. You’re required to send documentation to otherwise your release won’t be distributed.  Note: It also includes songs that may contain third party samples. Make sure you have all necessary documentation (e.g., legal agreements) ready before submitting your music release.
  2. iTunes, Amazon Music and Rhapsody do not accept soundalike cover songs, and more and more stores are starting to do the same. A soundalike cover is a song that sounds very similar to the original.  Stores consider this content deceptive and misleading and do not want their customers to purchase this material by mistake. If you distribute soundalike covers to these stores the content will get hidden and we will not be able to reverse this situation.



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