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If you are distributing Asian and/or Arabic content:
Due to the recent fraud problems we’re having with the distribution of Asian/Arabic content, it is now mandatory to provide us with the respective licenses where it is guaranteed that you can distribute your content digitally. We are taking this measure with every Asian/Arabic content that reaches our platform. So before you submit your release for distribution, make sue you have gathered all legal documents.
Note: All documents must be in English. If your original document is not in English, you must include a certified translation alongside the original copy (we only accept an ATA-certified translator). It will be checked by our legal team. If we can’t verify the authenticity of your document(s), your release won’t be distributed. Important: If we find any suspicious of fraudulent activities, you will also be blocked from using our platform, and we may communicate it with the legal authorities and digital stores, so that they can also flag any future releases you may have.¬†
Additionally, please make sure to check our Anti-Fraud-Policy before you submit your music release.
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