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The artist roles that Spotify currently publishes on the main page are just two: “Primary Artist” and “Featuring Artist“.


So, from now on, if you assign an artist as “With” or “Featuring“, in Spotify it will be published as “Featuring Artist” indistinctly.


All other assigned roles other than those listed above will not appear in the album information published in Spotify. However, the listeners can access to certain information clicking on the elipsis next to the track title:



As Spotify users, when we click on a song > “Show credits”, it shows to us additional information.


Which equivalence does it have with the metadata we specify in MusicMyBand platform?


  1. Performed by: Equals our platform’s “Primary Artist” , “Featuring Artist” and “Remixer”**
  2. Composed by: Equals our platform’s “Composer”, “Conductor” and “Lyricist”.
  3. Produced by: Equals our platform’s “Producer”.
  4. Source: Equals our platform’s “Label”.




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