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In order to get your Spotify Artist Profile verified and to manage it yourself, you’ll need to request access to Spotify For Artists. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get the blue check on your artist profile (the hallmark of Spotify recognized profiles).

To request access to Spotify for Artists just fill out this form by following the steps below:


  1. Indicate whether you have a Spotify user account (you must have one to manage an artist profile on the platform).
  2. Log in with your user account.
  3. Indicate your role (artist, manager, label, etc.), your name, the Spotify user account you want to associate with the profile and an email to send the notifications.
  4. Indicate the name of the artist or the band whose profile you want to claim and verify.
  5. Lastly, verify the Twitter account of the artist or the band and provide links to the website or social networking profiles.


Spotify will check that the information and then the blue check mark will be added to your profile. This is what indicates that you are a verified artist by Spotify.


Then, Spotify For Artists will allow you to change your profile and background pictures whenever you want, create playlists and check stats as how, how much and where your songs are being listened or who are your listeners, among many other interesting data.





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